Wooden Houses

Natural and non-toxic.

At A. Stavrinou Home Ltd, the quality of the wood used is one of the best in Europe. The production method of the wood we supply ensures the protection of wooden houses from moisture and prevents cracking and distortion of the log. Wood is a natural, living material, free of toxic substances. It is the best natural sound and heat insulation material (9 times better than concrete) and acts as a natural and biological regulator of relative humidity and temperature in the house.

The wooden houses are economical without concessions in quality and their total cost always depends on the size and the special needs you have. The factory with which our company cooperates provides a guarantee of quality and static adequacy of wood. Due to the modern technology applied in the construction of logs, it can guarantee the static adequacy of the wood and the resistance to stress, but also the resistance against aging. The logs are very carefully selected to meet these criteria and the method of bonding is applied with the basic aim of strengthening the already excellent natural characteristics of the wood.

The excellent raw materials in combination with the most technologically advanced construction methods of the company A. Stavrinou Home Ltd result in masonry of unsurpassed quality, which with a wide range of sections for each type can meet the energy requirements of any area. All the materials we use for the construction of our homes are selected so that they do not burden your health and have the least possible burden on the environment. Thus, the houses we deliver are strongly “tied” statically and are essentially completely anti-seismic.

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